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Yeager has been bred to a wide variety of mares & thus we feel confident making the assessment that he truly stamps his offspring. Specifically, he tends to add height (especially to his male offspring), a fantastic temperament, rideability & a great canter.

Yvening Affair 2009 Brown Buckskin Zweibruecker Gelding out of Dad’s Shiny Penny xx

“Yves” was bred and is owned by Yeager’s rider Suzie, and is out of her former junior jumper TB mare Penny. As a foal, Yves was presented to RPSI and was awarded a Silver Premium distinction. He also scored an impressive 7.8 for movement for a half Thoroughbred colt. As a two year-old, Yves showed in hand and won his first FEH class. The judges noted in particular  his elegant and modern build and his correct and rhythmical gaits.

Now as a coming 5 years old, Yves is proving to be everything that he was destined to be and clearly shows talent and capability for upper level eventing. This year he will be participating in the very competitive 5yo YEH  program. Suzie has started and brought along Yves herself. Kathleen Raine was comlimentary of Yves’ trainability and ability to step up to new challenges. Bea di Grazia, an L dressage judge,YEH judge and talent spotter for the United States Equestrian Team called Yves “very talented” and now helps Suzie and Yves progress in the world of eventing.

OnTrackforYEH 4yo

“Yves” at 2.5 years old at Elvenstar Farms

DSC_1040 DSC_1088 Yves 2.5 Years

RPSI Inspection

Yves’ First Show and 10th Time Jumping

Dressage Clinic with Kathleen Raine

Gridwork as a 4 yo

Barenjager – 2007 Bay Zweibruecker Gelding out of A.C. Dee xx (Press Card xx – Vaguely Noble xx)
“Baron” is was bred in Pennsylvania and presented as a foal to RPSI awarded Silver Premium. He was purchased as a weaning by Lindsey D. of Virginia as a prospect for mid-level dressage based on the recommendations of her trainer. This year, Lindsey and Baron made their 1st level debut with respectable scores.

baron19c baron15c baron954779_10151610534947572_276597430_nbaron268666_10150225464097572_7181941_n baron395554_10151081900175543_63197698_n  baron1604851_10151938967177572_1748478523_n baron998912_10151610535092572_585851362_n

Yeager’s Odin – 2007 Chestnut Zweibruecker gelding out of Witching Hour (Weltstern – Viking Song)
“Odin” was bred by Yeager’s owner, Anne, and she has chosen him to be her keeper! He is out of a 17h mare and stands 18.1h at seven years old. When he isn’t making funny faces in the barn, Odin is an extremely willing mount who is eager to please. When not doing dressage, he also loves to jump and happens to be rather good at it, too! You can find out more about Odin on Black Tree Farm’s website.

Odin_227 DSC_0170odin1002558_10153056274190543_2093171704_n odin1377586_10153376289565543_2143270757_n  odin  odin2

Yukon Gold – 2008 Buckskin Zweibruecker Gelding out of Witching Hour (Weltstern – Viking Song)
“Yukon” is a very charismatic full brother to Odin and has found his calling as a vaulting horse! Yukon was bred by Anne Johnson and now owned by Alex T. in Virginia. His easy going and playful demeanor combined with his large and smooth gaits has allowed Yukon’s transition to a vaulting horse to be seamless. Yukon is also participating in some dressage shows with his owner. Please see Black Tree Farm’s website for more photos of Yukon.

yukkon2 yukon3 yukon8yukon5 yukon1 yukon yukon7

Pacific Brannz – 2010 Chestnut Zweibruecker Gelding out of Witching Hour (Weltstern – Viking Song)
The youngest of the Yeager/Wicca foals! “Brann” is “Mini Me” version of his brother Odin and just started his undersaddle career. We can’t wait to see where he goes since he is proving to be quite the athlete! His page can be found on Black Tree Farm’s website.

 Brann1378025_10153343192745543_1950551594_n Brann1601281_10153746177815543_69690908_n

Fire & Ice – 2008 Palomino-Gone-Grey RPSI Mare out of Tie & Dye xx
“Willow” was bred at Black Tree Farm and now owned by his amateur owner in Washington. They are regularly participating in various clinics around the state as they prepare for their eventing debut. While correct in her gaits, Willow is proving to have quite an aptitude for jumping, with her quick front end. More info on Black Tree Farm’s website.

  Willow willow2willow3 franka281417_10150725548340543_5876236_n

Chase Your Dreams – 2012 Black American Warmblood out of Irish Sporthorse mare Zaria

“Zoey” is an gorgeous dark filly with a very elegant and modern type. At her inspection, she was awarded Blue Preferred status and named Reserve Champion at her test site. She was later honored with the distinction of third best Young Horse inspected in all of 2013. Zoey’s breeder and owner, Lea W. of Washington, is thrilled with this captivating and engaging young filly.

  Zooey_306adj zoey Zooey_336adj

Zara – 2011 Palomino American Warmblood out of Arabian mare “Zanjabeel”

“Zara” is a stunning palomino filly bred by Victoria Rose in Washington. As a foal she was presented to the American Warmblood Society and awarded the Blue Preferred designation. She was also the top scoring foal of the inspection site.

 zara zara5


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