Yeager GF

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APRIL 26, 2016: After much thought and some sadness, we have decided to geld Yeager GF. We are extremely proud of his offspring, including those we have kept, Odin and Brann. But life leads to change, and in turn it’s time to turn the page. He may come home [to Washington] or become available for lease or sale afterward, so if you are interested in being a part of his future please message me privately. I want to especially thank Suzie Middlebrook for taking such good care of him and riding him so beautifully. Sending him to you was 100% the right choice, and we appreciate all the work you have done with him! ~ Anne Johnson, Blacktree Farm

2001 German Sporthorse Stallion

Brown Buckskin, 16.2 hands
Mascarpone – Memelruf – Grimsel – Donauwind

Owner: Anne Johnson
Breeder: Gwendolyn Gregoria

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Yeager GF – Buckskin German Warmblood Stallion


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